Bisexual Flag

Similar to the LGBTQ+ Community rainbow flag, the Bisexual Community also have their own symbolic Bisexual Pride flag.

The Bisexual Pride flag was designed by Michael Page in 1998. He designed the flag with the aim of giving the Bi Community their own symbol and to raise awareness of bisexuality across the world.

Many Bisexuals didn’t feel a connection to the LGBTQ+ flag and Page saw an opportunity to give visibility to Bisexuals across the world.

‘Biangles’, or Bisexuality triangles, are another symbol for the Bisexual Community. The triangles are both blue and pink representing the two stereotypical gender colours.

The two triangles overlap creating a mixed colour of blue and pink, similar to a purple colour, which represents Bisexuality. These colours and this theme is also portrayed on the Bisexual flag.

bisexual pride