Pride Edinburgh

Pride Edinburgh 2022

On Saturday 25th June 2022, Pride Edinburgh takes place in the heart of the capital for an inclusive and fun celebration of the local LGBTQIA+ community.

This is the 25th annual event, and the event is named Pride Edinburgh 25: Let it Be!

Pride Edinburgh 2022 will be a day of diverse, performances, market stalls and live music for everyone.

Pride Edinburgh Travel

Edinburgh has a lot of rail links to major cities in Scotland and England. Glasgow is just an hour away by train, and Newcastle is an hour and a half away. Edinburgh train station is also right in the city centre.

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Pride Edinburgh History

This event is Scotland’s longest running annual LGBQIA+ celebration, and it can trace its roots right back to 1988.

In 1995, the first official Pride Edinburgh march took place in the city. Up until 2008, Edinburgh and Glasgow celebrated their Pride event together under the name “Pride Scotia”- alternating each year between the two cities. However, in 2008 Glasgow started its own Pride festival.

Pride events in the Scottish capital have always been completely free- making sure this event is inclusive for the whole community.

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