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Are you struggling to find central, affordable Pride Event accommodation? Let’s talk about Hostelworld

If there is one thing we can all agree on, when it comes to travel, booking somewhere central, nice and reliable is not only expensive, but can be very stressful.

So, if we told you that we have the solution for you to book affordable, safe and as close to the action as you can be, would you believe us? Now, just because they are called Hostelworld doesn’t mean they only offer hostel accommodation. Check this out…


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Pride Events UK is working with some of the leading accommodation providers in the world, including Hostelworld and has the power to bring you all of the best in affordable accommodation for Pride Season 2020.

Hostelworld will allow you to safely book accommodation with immediate confirmation. Types of accommodation include, BUT are not limited to, Hostels, Hotels and B&B’s.

Pride Events is proud to bring you the latest, greatest and best in travel for your convenience. We believe that with these incredible booking options, your Pride Event is bound to be safe, exceptional and loads of fun!

Hostelworld offer

  • Hostels
  • Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfasts



Why choose Hostelworld

The most important part about Hostelworld is, of course, the accommodation they offer.

One of the major plus points of Hostelworld is the amount of detail they have gone into with the reviews section of their website. Here’s an example of a review from one of their hostels:


As you can see, this is an extensive review process. Which is great!

This type of review process means that you can decide on the perfect accommodation before you even have to pay for any accommodation. In addition to the in-depth rating system, there is also the option to read detailed, customised reviews that will again help give a keen insight into your accommodation choice. 

Next, let’s talk about the types of accommodation that Hostelworld has to offer…



Hostel Accommodation

According to a blog by Hostelworld, a hostel is a shared accommodation experience which is “twice the fun for half the amount of money”!  

Anyone can stay in a hostel. They are diverse spaces which can attract people from all walks of life. This is mainly because of their warm and welcoming atmosphere.

You actually will never know who you are going to meet in a hostel until you get to the accommodation. This adds a sense of excitement and thrill to the whole experience. Because,  the best part about staying in hostel accommodation is the people.

The people who often visit hostels tend to be budget-conscious travelers. However, this does not mean that hostel accommodation facilities are any less than that of hotels! In fact, hostel accommodations are improving their facilities all the time, with some even more luxurious than your average hotel! 

Hostel owners are now taking their time, planning their venues and creating interesting and unique experiences for their guests. Adding a theme to their guest’s experience and having interesting décor is one way hostels are attempting to rival hotels.

Modern hostels are now also offering planned activities for their guests in order to enhance their overall experience. Activities can range to anything from surfing classes to yoga lessons.

Summary – Benefits of Hostel Accommodation

  • Attracts diverse people and a great way to meet new friends
  • Often unique decor and experiences
  • Affordable choice of accommodation
  • Tend to be central location



Hotel Accommodation

Maybe a hostel is not something that you’re looking for, well Hostelworld has you covered.

Hostelworld not only provides its clients with the best hostels, but also beautiful hotel accommodation. A huge bonus is that their hotel selection has been vetted in by the same review process as the hostels! Win win! This means that you’ll be able to make an educated and informed decision about your hotel accommodation before you pay any money. 

Hotel accommodation is a lot more private and reserved compared to the hostel choiceIf you’re considering safety and security, hotels are often very acclimated to providing just that. They have professional and well-designed protocols to ensure their guest’s safety by law, and if this is what you’re looking for, then you’ll love Hostelworld’s hotel accommodations. 

Beautiful rooms and services go hand in hand with many hotels across the UK. From turn down services to room service, it’s the additional extras that make a great hotel stay. Many hotels in the UK also offer parking facilities, which is often a must when travelling to Pride Events across the country. 

Hotels often come with a greater price tag compared to hostel accommodation. However, you tend to pay the extra for privacy and comfort.

Summary – Benefits of Hotel Accommodation

  • Room privacy and often en-suite facilities
  • Greater security
  • Additional extras such as room service and parking



Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

If a home away from home is what you are after, then perhaps a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is a better option for you.

B&Bs are often converted homes with en-suite amenities and common areas for guests to enjoy some hearty home-made food. Also, like Hostels, B&B’s provide a great opportunity to meet new people. 

The owners of B&B’s are often very friendly people with a love of the local area. This makes for an interesting accommodation experience, which is often both homely and memorable.

Another huge plus point of B&B accommodation is often their location. Typically they are situated close to important or local attractions and events which makes them an ideal accommodation choice for local Pride Festivals and other attractions. 

Summary – Benefits of B&B Accommodation

  • Often warm and homely feel
  • Usually centrally located
  • Often run and managed by local people
  • Often offer en-suite amenities



Other Services Provided by Hostelworld

Hostelworld provides you with end to end services for your trip. Yes, accommodation is one aspect of your Pride Trip, but Hostelworld has thought of everything essential which you may want to book along the way. For example:

  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car Rentals
  • Tours and Experiences

Why we recommend Hostelworld

At Pride Events. we believe that both hostels and B&Bs make for an incredible way to enhance your Pride travel experience. And, luckily, Hostelworld offer both options. They also offer amazing hotels for those who are willing to spend a little extra.

Regardless of your accommodation choice, staying close to the Pride Event location brings people together from all walks of life, and that of course includes those within the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Overall, we would recommend Hostelworld because its variety in different accommodation that they offer. Hostels, hotels and B&B’s, they have it all!  




For more information, visit our accommodation page where you will find other options for your Pride 2020 accommodation.


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