pride month

Every year, the month of June is celebrated as Pride month. The month of June is fitting to have been chosen as Pride Month,  as it is an opportunity to commemorate the Stonewall riots that date back to 28 June 1969.

More recently, Pride Month is celebrated through various events including, Pride Marches, Parades and parties.

Pride Month grants the LGBTQ+ Community a opportunity to meet up and celebrate their story.

Pride Month Activities & Events

During the Pride Month, thousands of people from the gay community march their way into different cities to spread the message of love and freedom.

The Pride Month is marked by vibrant and lively gay pride parades and festivities. These parades are filled with the colourful hues of the rainbow flags, as huge crowds of people join together to support the LGBTQ pride and rights.

Pride Month History

Back then in the 60’s, the LGBT community was shunned and denied the right to socialise in public with other members of their community. This is why the Stonewall Inn, which was a popular spot for the LGBT community to socialize, became an easy target of police harassment.

By raiding the Stonewall Inn, the police officers in the area misused their authority in more than one ways. They not only harassed and abused the people of the gay community, but also made them subject to discrimination.

The Stonewall Inn raid was followed by a number of violent protests against the law authorities. This was one of the most significant events in the recent history of the gay community that triggered more people to come out and reveal their true sexuality.

This rebellious protest continued for about six days, along with a number of arrests made in Greenwich, Manhattan. Soon after, different members of the LGBT community strived to unite in their mission and fight against such discrimination’s together.

This protest even led to the formation of many queer groups like the “Gay Liberation Front” which fought against the discrimination of the gay community.

In 2016, the Stonewall Inn was declared as a national monument to observe the struggles of the LGBT community.

Global Significance of the Pride Month

Even today, it would be delusional to believe that all the atrocities against the LGBT community have come to an end. Despite winning legal rights and recognition, the gay community’s fight against discrimination is not yet over.

This is where the Pride Month comes in. The Pride Month, celebrated every year in the month of June is a constant reminder of the discrimination faced by the gay community and the need to raise voice against it. For every member of the gay community, the Pride Month symbolizes hope, courage, strength and the need to keep their struggle for equality alive.

Even today, about twelve world nations consider gay sexuality as a serious criminal offence. Some of these countries even have death penalty for those found guilty under their anti-gay laws. Such laws constantly remind us of the social stigma and homophobic mind-set around the LGBT community.

This is what makes Pride Month a special month for the gay community and the world to spread more awareness about the rights of the queer masses.

Every year, the month of June brings with it a positive message to live and let others live freely. In the Pride Month, communities from different parts of the world join together to assert their right to live and love.