Pride is all about self-expression and having the freedom to portray that in any form. One of the best ways you can reflect your inner Pride is through your outfit. It’s a way of being part of the parade, making a statement and having the chance to feel confident in your true skin.

However, choosing what to jazz up and which merchandise to buy can be tricky! So, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to wear at a Pride festival!


1.  Glitter

Glitter is more than just a cute add-on to your outfit. It’s now a Pride icon and a must-have for any attendees. It looks dynamic and it is a great hit in the community. You can choose colours that best represent your flags and there are so many ways to use it:

  • Put it on your face in replace of highlighter
  • Use a stencil and make glitter tattoos on your body
  • Sprinkle it on your clothes to give it a little extra sparkle

We recommend that you use biodegradable glitter, just to be kinder to the planet.

At Pride Events UK, we have teamed up with Shop Sustainable. Check out their website for planet friendly, no plastic products!

Shop Sustainable UK


2. Flags


Whether it’s a massive one to wear like a cape or a small one to wave in your hand, having a flag is a great way of stating your preference or alliance for a particular sexual orientation.

Having a flag leads to making connections and having fun conversations for those interested in the colours you choose. It’s a way to stand defiantly and bring colours to the parades and atmosphere of Pride.


3. Wristbands


Many Prides organisers and supports will offer up the chance to buy a wristband and donate the proceeds to related LGBTQ+ charities. But, if you want something in the meantime, wearing a wristband is a nice, subtle way to show support.

This bright accessory would be a great item to wear whilst fist-pumping during songs and chants of the festival.


4. T-Shirt

T-shirts are a cheap and easy way to form an entire Pride outfit in one go. You can make your own or buy the perfect one for you. There are literally millions of designs to choose from and you’ll act as a walking poster for Pride in all of its glory. If you go for something cute, or just something blunt, a t-shirt is the best way you can shape your outfit for the event.


5. Badges

Another way to improve your Pride outfit is by extending it to your other accessories. Using badges and stickers is a cheap and easy way to add that extra bit of colour and show your support in every aspect of your outfit.

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