Top 5 pride events 2021

Although in the beginning, these events were not celebrated, Pride Events have become the stepping stones to raising awareness for the LGTBQIA+ Community. Year after year, communities are growing and support is increasing!

Here is a list of our Top 5 Pride Events in the UK for 2021.

As expected, this has been a difficult decision and will generate some discussion!

We would love to hear your thoughts and your Top 5 Pride Events! Feel free to leave your comment below.

So here goes, our Top 5 UK Pride Events for 2021!

Brighton Pride
Pride Parade

#1 Brighton

Arguably the largest pride title in the UK continues to be held by Brighton. The Gay Capital of the UK. Brighton Pride is a spectacular event and very popular amongst the gay and LGBTQ+ community.

Brighton Pride is full of energy, atmosphere and diversity. There really is something for everyone in Brighton. Pride tickets tend to sell out quickly, so if you want to attend Brighton Pride 2021, you better be quick!

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#2 London

London Pride is also a popular event among the community. The countries capital doesn’t disappoint with its wide variety of events and attractions across the city.

London Pride is particularly famous for its Pride March where we see thousands of people taking to the capitals streets for the annual march. Service men and women, members of the emergency services, groups of people all coming together in unity to celebrate a remarkable event.

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pride support
Nottingham Pride

#3 Manchester

Another large UK Gay Pride event is held in ManchesterAgain, another popular event amongst the gay and LGBTQIA+ community. A jam packed weekend full with events, music and community spirit!

Formally known as the Mardi Gras, Manchester Pride has a colourful history and has grown to such a scale that it now acts a guardian for fledgling pride charities.

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#4 Liverpool

Liverpool Pride is growing year on year! During the 2018 Pride, Liverpool Pride saw around 50,000 attend and come together. The Liverpool Pride is a free festival for two days for the community and the city to come together and celebrate equal rights. Amazing atmosphere, real buzz and a great event. 

Unlike most Pride events held in the early summertime, this Pride event is normally on during the beginning of August and for very good reasons. The Board of Trustees attempt to organise the festival on the weekend closest to the 2nd August to commemorate a young gay man, Michael Causer, who was murdered in a homophobic attack in the city, in 2008. Ever since it has remained as one of the biggest free Gay Pride festivals in Europe.

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birmingham pride

#5 Birmingham

Last but in no means least, Birmingham Pride attracts around 75,000 visitors each each and has been held in the city for over 20 years. It is important to know that Birmingham is a ticketed Pride Event, so if you are interested in attending, get your tickets quick!

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