Transgender Pride

Transgender Pride

transgender pride

This year, London witnessed its first Transgender Pride (Trans Pride) march in September 2019. Trans Pride not just calls for change and support for the community, but also celebrates the lives of the trans community all around the world.

Transgender Flag

Who is a transgender

A transgender is an individual whose gender is not the same as the sex with which he/she was born with. Some people of the trans community even choose to go under a sex change surgery. But, it is not necessary that every transgender needs to go through it to identify with the gender of their choice.

This year, the authorities even recorded a 81% rise in the hate crimes against the Trans Community as compared to last year.

If you want more information about understanding Transgender and the Trans community, check out our blog post What does Transgender mean?’.

Transgender Community

People of the Trans Community have to constantly fear about their identity. Being transgender makes for an easy target for harassment.

The purpose of  Trans Pride is a way to inspire change and spread out the message for intolerance against the discrimination of the trans people.

The Transgender Community also have their own flag. Check out more about the Trans flag here.

London Trans Pride 2020

The colours of the trans flag, the city streets were filled with crowds of people who had come together to celebrate London’s first Trans Pride parade in 2019. People marched their way on this event to support the rights of the trans community.

The event witnessed huge groups of transgenders and allies marching together to express their solidarity with the trans community.

Lucia Blayke, organiser of the first Trans event in London feels that the Trans Community lacks the same level of acceptance as the others in the LGBT community. This is what called for the need of a Trans Pride, where trans people will a chance to raise their concern about this discrimination.

Brighton Trans Pride 2020

Brighton Trans Parade is Europe’s biggest Trans Pride event. In fact, it was in Brighton that UK’s first ever Trans Pride event took place over seven years ago. Looking forward, Brighton Trans Pride 2020‘s main event will take place on 18 August.

Come and be a part of these events to speak out, share and spread awareness about the issues of the trans community all over the world.