We Are On a Mission To Explore LGBTQIA+ Community

Our Mission

We are working towards increasing awareness and creating greater acceptance for LGBTQIA+ Community by organizing pride events across the UK.


Pride Events UK

Why was Pride Events Formed?

Pride Events consists of a dedicated team of LGBTQIA+ individuals who all want to support and grow the Pride presence.

We regularly hear of the daily challenges faced by members of communities across the country. As a group, we understand how important Pride Events are to the LGBTQIA+ Communities across the country. Events and local supporting businesses have the ability to create a safe space of Respect, acceptance and freedom.

Hosting a spectacular event, which can have such a huge impact on the local community is priceless.

At Pride Events, we want it to help it continue and grow year on year.


Your Pride Events ‘One Stop Shop’

With that in mind, we have created ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your Pride Events needs from where you can buy various products for your pride events. From tickets, travel and accommodation, to recommendations of local bars and restaurants. We want to create an all rounded Pride Events hub for the UK community.

Personally working with Pride Organisers from across the UK, we help with sponsorship obtainment, marketing, event organisation and much much more.


“We want YOUR Pride Event or supporting organisation to be at the heart of your local LGBTQIA+ Community.”


Contact Us

Contact us for more information or to find out how we can help your upcoming Pride Event, local business or LGBTQIA+ Community.


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